Brief Personal History of Website Creation and Development
For quite awhile I had been developing and maintaining websites for family, friends, and local organizations. I started out using HTML with Dreamweaver and then added CSS.

Then I switched to using tools to develop sites in HTML5 so they run on all platforms. I have always tried to maintain fast loading sites so have usually avoided Flash.

For photo galleries and sites that need loading and updating of graphic material, such as artists’ sites, I had been using SiteGrinder, a PhotoShop plugin which allowed this process with some ease, once it is set up. Unfortunately this program has gone bankrupt and is no longer available. Fortunately, I have found an easy alternative in WordPress.

Recently I was developing club websites using WordPress, an open source, online editing system that provides the tools for almost everyone to edit, add to, and update a web site. This is intended to provide the volunteers in the club with a site that can be easily maintained by more than one one person, replacing the single “Web Master” with a Web Team. This has proven most effective and all of the sites I had developed are now being completely run by the clubs themselves.

As the field of website developed moved on with more and more tools being available to individuals, such as WordPress, SmugMug,  Weebly, Pinterest, FaceBook, etc., there really no longer seems to be a need for amateur website developers such as myself. Tools exist for full cataloguing and marketing of products and selling directly off the web. Easy spam protection is easily available. Professional graphic designers seem to be able to still make a living with custom designed sites and tweaking of the sites of big corporations. Look at the continued modifications of Google’s name and logo, for instance.

Club Sites
PROBUS Club of Orangeville – PROBUS is primarily a social club for retired folks. Each local club is initially sponsored by the Rotary organization but it separate. The bring in speakers and run special events and activities throughout the month.
Headwaters Photography Society A local camera club with an over 30 year history. This site is being replaced by another club maintained one.
Dufferin Hi-Land Bruce Trail Club – the local chapter of the Provincial Bruce Trail Conservancy. I have pick this site back up after pulling out for the last three years.
Dufferin Piecemakers Quilt Guild – the local Quilting Guild. My wife Mary DeVries is a member. The site is currently being managed by the club.
Halton Hills Quilt Guild – a Quilting Guild in Halton Hills and connected through friends. currently maintained by them. This group has also taken charge of its own site.
Canadian Federation of University Women – this is the local chapter of the National Federation. I initially set up site, which since has been maintained by the local chapter.
Artists’ Sites
John Geeza – is a friend and artist living in Guelph. His speciality is water colours and viewing art in nature. John has since taken over management of this site
Commercial Sites
Creatively Yours – Janet is a friend and consultant and trainer in various aspects of quilting. She lives just outside of Orangeville.


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